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Dermofuture - Repair Therapy With Vitamin C

Dermofuture - Repair Therapy With Vitamin C

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Intensively regenerating treatment with vitamin C of the highest concentration - 30%. Additionally, it includes arbutin, hyaluronic acid, extract of bitter orange, and glycerin.

Carefully selected and appropriately combined ingredients guarantee:

  • lightening
  • regeneration of damaged skin
  • reduction of tendency to skin discoloration and freckles
  • increasing the flexibility
  • protection against free radicals
  • slowing down aging processes
  • sealing blood vessels

Vitamin C demonstrates antioxidant action, fights against free radicals, increases the protection against UV radiation, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, lightens the skin, has positive impact on the treatment of acne, strengthens blood vessels, and improves the level of hydration.

Glycerin naturally protects the skin by permeating into intercellular spaces where it binds the amount of water required for proper hydration of the skin.

It has great soothing features, efficiently moisturizes dry skin prone to chapping. It smooths, improves flexibility, and regulates the processes of proper epidermis regeneration.

Glycerin has a long-lasting action. It penetrates deeper levels of corneal layer of the skin and remains there, regulating the hydration for about 24 hours.

Protein complex reduces oedema and fights against free radicals while extract of bitter orange is an antioxidan¬t that activates the processes of regeneration and repair of the skin, moisturizes, increases flexibility and firmness of the skin, gently tightens the skin and decreases pores, lightens the skin, nourishes, and rejuvenates tired skin.

Arbutin's action consists in depigmentation which relies on regulating the production of skin's pigment - melanin, and its equal distribution in the epidermis. It removes existing discoloration caused by sunlight or acne and age spots. It reduces inflam¬mation and is used in the treatment of common acne.

Hyaluronic acid has positive impact on the level of hydration and improves the form of dry skin. Can be used as a moisturizer. By binding water in the epidermis it smooths it away and protects it against drying-up. Thus, it decrease the occurrence of allergies and irritation.

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Volume (ml):20
Age Range:Every
Skin Type:All types


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