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List of products by manufacturer Clarena

Clarena was born out of a passion for creating. The person behind the company is Patricia Popławska - its founder, owner and president of the board.

Top quality and standards are the cornerstones of proper beauty care. This is why selecting the right components and production technology is crucial for the cosmetic excellence. Clarena’s strategy since its very beginnings has been to ensure a state-of-the art production process. This comes as no surprise, since Clarena’s preparations have the most demanding customer in this section of the market as their receiver, namely beauty companies and studios.

Clarena’s philosophy is all about an individual approach to every client’s skin care, meaning a customized care routine for every client, tailored to her specific needs.  This is why Clarena’s beauty products are not available at beauty stores or shopping malls, as home-care cosmetics are individually selected for a customer by a qualified and trained beautician each and every time. As a result, every woman can enjoy a skin care product which is ideally suited to her individual needs.

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