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List of products by manufacturer Lash Brow

Beautiful brows and lashes step by step. Lashbrow creates innovated products on the market which help you to improve your beauty look.

Lash Brow „Eyelashes in a bottle” It is a unique product on the market. Thanks to the combination of innovative ingredients, gives an immediate effect of prolonging, thickening and nourishing eyelashes. "Eyelashes in a Bottle" contain microfibres with natural green tea extracts and lashes rejuvenating.

Lash Brow „Brows in a bottle/ Brow extender” is blend of natural fibers and smooth powder act like instant 3D brows, embedding fibers that fill out gaps and extend length where needed. Semi-permanent formula won’t fade during the day but won’t absorb into skin
Sweat proof and splash-proof.

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